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Eastern Kentucky University discounting fall tuition for teachers

The learning environment may be changing, but the commitment shown by educators has not wavered. Teachers are integral to the success and well-being of communities. Whether staying late to tutor a student falling behind or delivering food to district families during a health crisis, teachers show unmatched dedication.

Project Based Learning

There is a shakeup happening in education! Between flipped classrooms, the integration of technology, and the emergence of hybrid classrooms, educators are challenging the traditional ideas of learning. One alternative that has gained popularity and has been widely implemented is project-based learning.

What Is Project-Based Learning?

Eastern Kentucky University Discounting Tuition for Kentucky Teachers

In recent weeks our country has seen unprecedented changes to daily life. Teachers, parents, and children in the K-12 school system are all feeling the effects of this change and working to navigate the new world of home-based learning.

EKU Online Education Degrees Named Top 100 by U.S. News

Image US News Rankings Education Logo

For the sixth consecutive year, EKU’s online education degrees have been named in the top 100 by U.S. News and World Report.

Literacy, Leadership, and Advocacy

By: Eileen Shanahan, Ph.D., assistant professor, EKU College of Education

EKU Program Ranks Among the Best Online Master’s Degrees in Special Education

Image Award Best Online Master's Special Education

Eastern Kentucky University ranks among the best colleges for special education programs offering degrees online.