Master of Arts in Education — Instructional Leadership Degree Curriculum

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Core Courses 12 hours

Please choose one of the following concentrations

Teacher Leadership for Student Learning 15 hours

AND one of the following:

AND one of the following:

AND one of the following:

Safety & Facilities Management in Educational Settings 15 hours

  • EAD 840: Leadership for Safe Schools
  • SSE 870: School Prevention and Safety
  • SSE 871: Risk Management
  • SSE 873: School Safety Evaluation

AND one of the following:

  • SSE 872: School Crisis Response
  • COU 847: Crisis and Abuse Counseling

Exit Requirements 3 hours

Total Hours Required for Degree Completion 30 hours

For a full list of course descriptions please see section 7 of the university graduate catalog

Course Descriptions

ETL 800 Leadership Skills for Teachers

(3 hours) A. In-depth study of the key concepts, theories, practices, and procedures of teacher leaders in educational environments. This course must be taken within the first six hours of a candidate’s program.

ETL 801 Leading Achievement Change

(3 hours) A. Pre-req / co-req: ETL 800. The study of change theory and its application in educational settings by educational leaders, teacher leaders, professional staff, support staff, students and communities to improve student achievement.14 field hours required.

ETL 802 Research for Teacher Leaders

(3 hours) A. Prerequisites: ETL 800 and 801. Prerequisite/ Corequisite: ETL 803. This course introduces research methods in education. Candidates create a research proposal with IRB approvals. The focus is on student learning, student achievement, or school improvement.

ETL 803 Curriculum for Teacher Leaders

(3 hours) A. Prerequisites/Corequisites: ETL 800 and 801. Candidates will conduct curriculum alignment and development that encompasses analysis, synthesis and justification for applied curriculum. Candidates will develop formative and summative assessments. They evaluate research-based instructional strategies for all learners. (Field work 13 hours).

ETL 804 Teacher Leader Capstone

(3 hours) A. Prerequisite: ETL 803. Candidates will refine an action research project begun in ETL 802. Candidates will collect, analyze, and interpret data related to the impact on student learning and make a final presentation.

EAD 811 Utilizing Resources in Education

(3 hours) A. The course will help students analyze data to determine the needs of a school, develop a school improvement plan and develop a budget based on the plan.

EAD 812 Staff Selection and PD

(3 hours) A. This course will prepare candidates to select teachers, supervise teachers and plan for their professional growth.

EME 866 Investigations in Mathematics

(1-3 hours) A. Critical study of investigative and theoretical literature dealing with the teaching of mathematics.

EME 873 Research Based Reading Instruction

(1-3 hours) A. Advanced study of methods, materials, and organizational procedures appropriate for teaching developmental reading.

EMG 806 Reading Instruction in the Middle School

(3 hours) A. Prerequisite: a course in foundations or reading/language arts instruction. Comprehensive study of materials and strategies for teaching reading in the middle grades with special emphasis on reading in the content areas.

ESE 774 Teaching Reading in the Secondary School

(3 hours) A. Prerequisites: education core and admission to teacher education. Emphasis on developmental and content area reading skills, appraisal of reading abilities, appropriate materials, assessment, and organization of secondary reading program.

SED 774 Field Experiences with Exceptional Learners

(3 hours) A. Prerequisite: departmental approval. A practical experience with exceptional individuals. Emphasis is directed at behavior management, educational assessment, and IEP/IFSP.

SED 775 Nature and Needs of Exceptional Students

(3 hours) A. Overview of special education including characteristics, definitions, programming, and supporting research. Open to non-majors.

SED 800 Exceptional Learners in the Regular Classroom

(3 hours) A. Open only to non LBD, MSD, and DHH majors. Characteristics of mainstreamed students, identification procedures, and instructional strategies. Salient features of PL94-142, IEP, roles and responsibilities of regular educators.