Master of Arts in Education — Elementary Education Curriculum

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Core Courses 12 hours

Elementary Education Courses 9 hours

AND one of the following:

Subject Matter Courses 6 hours

Select two of the following:

Exit Requirements 3 hours

  • ETL 806: Teacher Leader Capstone

Total Hours Required for Degree Completion  30 hours

For a full list of course descriptions please see section 7 of the university graduate catalog

Course Descriptions

ETL 800 Leadership Skills for Teachers

(3 hours) A. In-depth study of the key concepts, theories, practices, and procedures of teacher leaders in educational environments. This course must be taken within the first six hours of a candidate’s program.

ETL 801 Leading Achievement Change

(3 hours) A. Pre-req / co-req: ETL 800. The study of change theory and its application in educational settings by educational leaders, teacher leaders, professional staff, support staff, students and communities to improve student achievement.14 field hours required.

ETL 803 Curriculum for Teacher Leaders

(3 hours) A. Prerequisites/Corequisites: ETL 800 and 801. Candidates will conduct curriculum alignment and development that encompasses analysis, synthesis and justification for applied curriculum. Candidates will develop formative and summative assessments. They evaluate research-based instructional strategies for all learners. (Field work 13 hours).

ELE 871 Literacy Programs: P-5

(3 hours) A. Intensive study of methods and materials appropriate for developing emergent, primary, and transitional literacy in grades P-5.

EME 874 Language Arts in the Curriculum

(3 hours) A. Examination of current trends and curriculum problems related to teaching of language arts. Emphasis on listening, oral and written expression, spelling and handwriting.

EMS 842 Discipline and Classroom Management

(3 hours) A. Knowledge and skills necessary for establishing and maintaining positive relationships in the classroom; disciplinary concerns of teachers. Theoretical and tested knowledge in personal behavior and communication skills systems examined for practical and effective application.

EDF 855 Foundations of Multicultural Education

(3 hours) A. Examination of the education implications of cultural pluralism in America and selected societies of the world.

SED 800 Exceptional Learners in the Regular Classroom

(3 hours) A. Open only to non LBD, MSD, and DHH majors. Characteristics of mainstreamed students, identification procedures, and instructional strategies. Salient features of PL94-142, IEP, roles and responsibilities of regular educators.

ELE 807 Elementary Education: ______

(1-3 hours) A. Prerequisite: advisor/departmental chair approval. Independent work, workshops, special topics, or seminars. May be retaken under different subtitles.

EME 751 Linguistics in the Curriculum

(3 hours) A. Prerequisite: EME 445, 873 or ELE 871. Investigations of elements in the science of linguistics and their application to communication skills of students.

EME 843 Teaching Math to Low Achievers

(3 hours) A. Crosslisted as MAE 843. In-depth analysis of characteristics of low achievers, teaching resources, teaching strategies, and appropriate mathematics curriculum content. Credit will not be awarded for both EME 843 and MAE 843.

EME 863 Social Science in the Curriculum

(3 hours) A. Emphasis on social science disciplines in the curriculum. New developments in social studies curricula are explored.

EME 866 Investigations in Mathematics

(1-3) A. Critical study of investigative and theoretical literature dealing with the teaching of mathematics.

EME 870 Trends in Science Education

(3 hours) A. Exploration of modern trends, practices, and foundation programs drawn from appropriate disciplines which relate to the teaching of science.

LIB 805 Advanced Children’s Literature

(3 hours) A. Prerequisite: LIB 301 or comparable course. Characteristics of good reading for children; types and evaluation of literature; use of materials for curricular and leisure needs; correlation of book and non-book materials. For librarians and teachers.