Master of Arts in Education — Literacy P-12 Degree Curriculum

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Core Courses 12 hours

Literacy Supporting Courses 9 hours

AND one of the following:

AND one of the following:

Exit Requirements  3 hours

  • EME 865: P-12 Literacy Capstone Seminar*

*ETL 806: Teacher Leader Capstone can be substituted for EME 865.

Total Hours Required for Degree Completion 30 hours

For a full list of course descriptions please see section 7 of the university graduate catalog

Course Descriptions

ETL 800 Leadership Skills for Teachers

(3 hours) A. In-depth study of the key concepts, theories, practices, and procedures of teacher leaders in educational environments. This course must be taken within the first six hours of a candidate’s program.

ETL 801 Leading Achievement Change

(3 hours) A. Pre-req / co-req: ETL 800. The study of change theory and its application in educational settings by educational leaders, teacher leaders, professional staff, support staff, students and communities to improve student achievement.14 field hours required.

ETL 803 Curriculum for Teacher Leaders

(3 hours) A. Prerequisites/Corequisites: ETL 800 and 801. Candidates will conduct curriculum alignment and development that encompasses analysis, synthesis and justification for applied curriculum. Candidates will develop formative and summative assessments. They evaluate research-based instructional strategies for all learners. (Field work 13 hours).

ELE 871 Literacy Programs: P-5

(3) A. Prerequisite: Admission to Master of Arts in Education or appropriate teacher certification program. Intensive study of methods and materials appropriate for developing emergent, primary, and transitional literacy in grades P-.5

EME 874 Language Arts in the Curriculum

(3) A. Examination of current trends and curriculum problems related to teaching of language arts. Emphasis on listening, oral and written expression, spelling and handwriting.

EME 877 Practicum for Reading Specialists

(3) A. Prerequisites: EMS 868 and 875. Supervised experience for reading specialists in diagnosing and instructing students with reading difficulties.

EMG 806 Reading Instruction in the Middle School

(3) A. Prerequisite: a course in foundations or reading/language arts instruction. Comprehensive study of materials and strategies for teaching reading in the middle grades with special emphasis on reading in the content areas.

EMS 875 Diagnostic Assessment of Students with Reading Difficulties

(3) A. Prerequisite: ELE 871, EME 873, EMG 806, or ESE 774. Theory and implementation of diagnostic procedures for the appraisal of reading difficulties. Emphasis on assessing types and degree of reading disabilities and identifying casual and contributing factors.

ENG 863 Writing and Teaching Writing

(3) II. Writing experiences with varied purposes in different genres; approaches for teaching writing in K-12 schools. Writing is analyzed for evidence of instructional “next steps.” Does not fulfill requirements for MA in English. Credit will not be awarded for both ENG 863 and ENG 805.