Master of Arts in Education — Gifted Education Degree Curriculum

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Core Courses 12 hours

  • ETL 800: Leadership Skills for Teachers
  • ETL 801: Leading Achievement Change
  • ETL 803: Curriculum for Teacher Leaders
  • ETL 805: Research for Teacher Leaders

Gifted Education Courses 12 hours

Supporting Courses 3 hours

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Exit Requirements 3 hours

  • ETL 806: Teacher Leader Capstone

Total Hours Required for Degree Completion 30 hours

For a full list of course descriptions please see section 7 of the university graduate catalog.


Course Descriptions

ELE 871 Literacy Programs: P-5

(3) A. Prerequisite: Admission to Master of Arts in Education or appropriate teacher certification program. Intensive study of methods and materials appropriate for developing emergent, primary, and transitional literacy in grades P-.5

EMG 806 Reading Instruction in the Middle School

(3) A. Prerequisite: a course in foundations or reading/language arts instruction. Comprehensive study of materials and strategies for teaching reading in the middle grades with special emphasis on reading in the content areas.

EMS 855 Gifted and Talented Youth

(3) A. Survey of the unique characteristics of gifted and talented youth, methods of identification, and educational needs.

EMS 856 Curriculum in the Gifted and Talented Education

(3) A. Models for gifted and talented curriculum development, gifted and talented curriculum projects and teaching strategies, state and national curricular guidelines for gifted and talented instruction, program delivery options, and technological support are major topics.

EMS 857 Model Programs for Gifted and Talented Education

(3) A. Examination of school and district wide programs for gifted and talented students including program delivery options, staff development, and development of critical and creative thinking skills.

EMS 858 Practicum for Gifted and Talented Education

(3) A. Prerequisites: EMS 855, 856, 857. Supervised teaching experience with gifted/talented students. Provides students opportunities to apply knowledge and skills in classroom settings. Students will participate in program planning, implementation, and evaluation.

ESE 774 Teaching Reading in the Secondary School

(3) A. Prerequisites: education core and admission to teacher education. Emphasis on developmental and content area reading skills, appraisal of reading abilities, appropriate materials, assessment, and organization of secondary reading program.

EMS 842 Discipline and Classroom Management

(3) A. Knowledge and skills necessary for establishing and maintaining positive relationships in the classroom; disciplinary concerns of teachers. Theoretical and tested knowledge in personal behavior and communication skills systems examined for practical and effective application.

EDF 855 Foundations of Multicultural Education

(3) A. Examination of the education implications of cultural pluralism in America and selected societies of the world.

SED 800 Exceptional Learners in the Regular Classroom

(3) A. Open only to non LBD, MSD, and DHH majors. Characteristics of mainstreamed students, identification procedures, and instructional strategies. Salient features of PL94-142, IEP, roles and responsibilities of regular educators.