College Teaching Course

The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies offers EDL 830 College Teaching (3 credit hours). College Teaching is an introduction to teaching on the college level that focuses on best practices in pedagogy and research.

Learning Objectives

Student learning objectives include the following:

  1. Students will be able to discuss and apply the fundamental concepts of college teaching.
  2. Students will clearly communicate through oral, written, and visual communication.
  3. Students will apply, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize alternate perspectives and theories.
  4. Students will synthesize appropriate college-level pedagogies into their personal pedagogical inventory.
  5. Students will synthesize fundamental concepts.

Course Outline

Students can expect the following progression and topics within the course:

  • Week 1 Introduction
  • Week 2 Discussion on Attitude and Rapport
  • Week 3 Discussion on Organization
  • Week 4 Discussion on Pedagogy
  • Week 5 Discussion of Deep Learning
  • Week 6 Discussion on Technology
  • Week 7 Discussion on Creativity
  • Week 8 Discussion on Assessment

Course Requirements

The course requirements include the following:

  1. Lead one threaded discussion on an assigned topic, take eight exams, one after each module. (40%)
  2. Write a ten page paper on an assigned topic and provide references in APA style. (35%)
  3. Write a self-improvement plan using the fundamental concepts of this course. (25%)

Contact Dean William L. Phillips with any questions.